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Best friend watching us while fucking

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My girlfriend (27) is very pretty and sexy. She has beautiful, well-shaped tits (cörb size C) and a really horny ass. She's dark-skinned, but doesn't have this mega ass like many other black women, but bigger than an average white women's ass. Ideal for me! I love to take her doggy, clap her ass and inject my juice into her mouth and face or on her ass. She likes to lick my cock clean and make me horny again for the next fuck. Our sex life is varied and fun. Her best friend Amanda lives in the same house. Both apartments have windows to the courtyard. She lives one floor higher, quite exactly… Read more

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Cuckold Success Strategy: A Story

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"So," my ther****t asked, looking up and giving me that same friendly and observant smile I'd come to associate with my complete trust in her as my cuckold ther****t, "how have you been since we last chatted?" I paused for a second to gather my thoughts and replied: "Good. I think your advice the last time I was here has really helped." (The advice she had given me had been to spend even more time than I had ready been doing watching interracial cuckold porn, and masturbating to it as I felt the need. "In what way, or ways has that benefited you?" She asked. "Doing that has helped me to st… Read more

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Phantom Poker Night

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Memories tend to fade, but as I recall back then, summer was winding down and soon CJ and I would be headed back to college. When that time came, it would be impossible for us to hook up again. After that night in my tent during race weekend, we said we'd stay in touch with each other. We did, but 2 months had passed and we hadn't found any opportunity to hook up. CJ lived quite a distance from where I was living. This made our attempts to hook up really difficult. We finally decided that with the limited amount of time left in our summer recess, if we were going to do it, we'd better do it so… Read more

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Car show and more

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We set up the tents and rolled out the sleeping bags and then we built a campfire and we sat around drinking beer and talking and joking and relaxing before we went to bed. I am not sure who started it, but I suspect it was Glenn. Somehow we started talking about doing things for charity, doing things like raffles and the like to collect money over the year and at the end of the year turn it all over to a charity in one lump sum. They started talking about having an auction, and thinking of what they could auction off. The beer was flowing pretty heavy. I guess that was why so many people th… Read more

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MILF Next Door

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There was this couple that lived across the street from me. They were older and seemed to have some money I guess. The woman was strange, I mean that she never talked to anybody. Her husband was older and they did not seem to be a match. I can remember my dad and some of the neighbors would be outside watching the woman, her name was Janet, and they would say "an old man with a Corvette, he probably never gets her out of second gear, but I would love to run that around the track just once." they would all agree and swig some more beer. I never knew exactly what they meant or were talking about… Read more

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handjob has an inconue


Hello, my name is stephanie, 32 years old and my boyfriend, 35 years old. We had to spice up our life as a couple, he takes me to the parking lot in Miribel, where there are gays and voyeurs that he took pictures of and I played. Doing so was terribly exciting, because I feared someone would come and that fear increased my excitement. At the slightest noise, I jumped and took a little longer than I expected to take a decent photo because of my nervousness. Eric was happy and told me to put a scarf over his eyes. I felt that, by accepting this type of challenge, he decided to make this first ti… Read more

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Great Sex with Husband and Wife from Broomfield

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Recently, I received a message from a local couple about one of the ‘Teenage Adventures’ chapters. They had thoroughly enjoyed the ‘bisexual undertone’, and asked if I would feel weird meeting with them, because, based on what I had written, they felt things might click. I looked at their profile, but other than a few photos, it did not seem they were actively looking for any hook-ups. From what I could tell, the wife had a nice body, with pretty large breasts, and a good-sized bottom. They were in Broomfield, about a 20 minute drive away. I’m usually up for new adventures, so I agreed to mee… Read more

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in a stranger in lyon

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Our names are Stéphanie and Eric, we have known each other for 5 years. We live together for shared happiness. It didn't take long for me to decide to share my life with him! Here it is for three whole weeks ... he has been exchanging writings, stories, photos and even videos (sometimes very daring ... Naughty) with other Xhamster members to find the right person. One evening, Eric suggests that I go to a restaurant in Lyon for my birthday. Tonight I will look after you, ”he said with a sly look. Am I entitled to something special tonight? he replied in a shy voice Yes, dear, as soon as we get… Read more

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She was all mine for a while


She was all mine for a while. I realize that you heard this before, but this is in fact a true story. Until recently, I have not shared these events with anyone. My ther****t now knows, and so does my wife of 22 years and certain members of my family. Let me provide a little background for you; My parents had a very difficult marriage. There were many times when my father would leave for many days, sometimes weeks at a time, and leave us to fend for ourselves. He was a heavy obese, uneducated blue collar worker, with just a grade school education. I don’t know what my mother saw in him.… Read more

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little girl's moment

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On a very hot summer night, we decided with several friends (2 girls and 2 boys) to go in search of fresh. we take the road to Solaize. after a few kilometers, we found a small place, far enough out of sight for us to settle in peacefully. a small forest appears in front of us, with a beautiful field on the right. we put a blanket in the field and sit down. background music escaping from the car, a cool breeze, delight among friends (with everything you need or need there) the night is beautiful. the crazy laugh is on, we challenge ourselves to the idiot .... we fall back in c***dhood. the hou… Read more

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a Daring Date


***DISCLAIMER*** This is a work of fiction. Names, places, and events are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons or actual events is purely coincidental. ***DISCLAIMER n°2!*** English is not my native language so if something came out a little wrong i'm sorry :P that being said, enjoy! A Daring Date It was still early morning when she got into the bus and calmly walked to an empty seat close to the center. She was a young asian lady, with straight black hair that went just past her shoulders. She was… Read more

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everywhere in the elevator

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Hi, it's Stéphanie. I'll tell you what happened to me at the cinema. As always, when the room is overflowing with places, the nuisances come to cling to us. I tell myself it is certainly because of my clothes. Particularly sexy, I had spoiled my man in my clothes, a very short skirt, a light black top placed on my free breasts, shoes with heels. The look of men is never insensitive when I value myself like that. The movie is boring, Eric sexy by my side, it didn't take long to get interested in my legs and his hand starts to wander gently on my thighs. I know that the proximity of the 2 young… Read more

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The lake voyeur


THE MASTER ON THE BEACH Last summer's voyeur .... It is starting to get very hot, we decided to leave early and go to Lake Miribel towards Lyon, but there is a small detail that my man forgot to mention. It's a nudist beach .... It doesn't matter ... We started walking towards a place a little more isolated ... I arrive with my beach bag. At this time, the beach is completely deserted. I take off my dress, I'm already in a bikini underneath. I dare not take off the swimsuit ..; it is the first time that i am in the nudist ... I spread the towel and start reading the first lines of the magazine… Read more

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Comic con adventure

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A few years ago my friend asked me to go to comic con with her. I agreed then she told me we were dressing up. No big deal I thought until she told me we were both going to be women characters. I met Sasha about a year prior, unfortunately I fell in the friend zone. She was thin with beautiful long legs, she’s actually taller than me. She has long gorgeous brown hair and blue eyes, small breasts but a great ass. I tried to fuck her many times but she just laughs and tells me I’m not ready for her. One day she comes over my house with the costumes she’s being sexy Chewbacca I’m princess lea… Read more

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last summer's voyeur


It was 9 am, the day seemed magnificent, the weather was good and very hot. The morning goes by very fast at work, just 12h ... m My man was coming to get me. I see your car, right in front of the barrier I go up. He takes the direction of the gas station to put the gas, Sai and takes the direction of the highway, after a few kilometers. I tell him: where are we going? He told me: having nothing planned, I took something to have a picnic and something to relax at Miribel! I tell him: ok, you have a good idea! We parked in the parking lot, few people, but cars in the parking lot. he said to me:… Read more

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A daring date


***DISCLAIMER*** This is a work of fiction. Names, places, and events are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons or actual events is purely coincidental. ***DISCLAIMER n°2!*** English is not my main language so if something came out a little wrong i'm sorry :P that being said, enjoy! It was still early morning when she got into the bus and calmly walked to an empty seat close to the center. She was a young asian lady, with straight black hair that went just past her shoulders. She was wearing a black dress with long… Read more

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The day I had to dress up like a slut and go stand


I got nude then started to get dressed. Pink panties white bra stuffed white blouse red skirt black heels. Did makeup and panted my nails. Got the nerve up went out the door felt ok at first very few cars. Got to west 5th and there was a lot more and me walking down the street looking I want a trick oh my. Started to get nerves about this. Was thinking about turning around nut pushed on. Got to the corner to cross and of course there was cars I had walk in front of crossed the street. Kept saying to myself I am closer to where to be. Seen one guy staring at me out of the corner of my eye. Want… Read more

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First TimeGroup Sex

My wife Sarah and I have been including others in out sex lives for nearly 10 years now and during the Covid restrictions we have been reflecting and remembering some of the most exciting encounters we have had. However we also got on to discussing each others sexual adventures from before we met, which wasn't until our mid thirties. It’s amazing what you remember when you start to recall events from the past and when Sarah asked me about my first ever MMF threesome this happy memory came flooding back. I was going out with a girl called Mandy. We were both 23 and both in the Military which m… Read more

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ShoeLove - Chapter 5 - Antonia I @chuckloveinsta

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Each upper grade was allowed to go on a grade trip for one week. For most of them it meant being further away from their parents for the first time and being able to do what one wanted. In addition, you could choose where to go. There were different cities in Europe to choose from. I didn't really care which one I would take because I had already visited them all “privately”. So I simply chose it based on which other people would go with it. There was the group of the “cool” - those who mainly hung out with Marie. Then the "silent ones" - that would be Tamara, Sabine (despite their changes… Read more

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Dollar General bitch in heat?

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This cute little Blonde whore came in really smiling saying move over. That the owner had hired her to increase business and I was supposed to teach her to operate the register. As she stood there she slowly lifted her skirt for me to see that she had no panties on placing my hand on her smooth little pussy. I asked if her street customers knew she was working here? She smiled just wait and see giggling all you have to do is teach me to operate the register and maybe do as you have in the past be my clean up pussy licker. Well what else could you ask for in a fellow employee? She learned to op… Read more

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