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Helping Hand – Chapter 3


This is a work of fiction meaning it only happened in my mind and I pass it on to you with the hope that you find some entertainment in reading it. If you have not read chapter 1 and 2 I suggest you start there A quick reminder that Larry was told by his mother to go next door and give their married neighbor a helping hand. He ended up having sex with the woman and when he returned home he heard his mother on the phone getting a report from the neighbor. Lying ther… Read more

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Massage Fun

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What had started as fantasy became a reality during a family vacation to Portugal. We had stayed at the resort before and had the lay of the land already. Checking in, Erin my slim redheaded wife jumped at the chance of a couple’s massage. We both enjoy massages and have had a couple’s massages before. I was not prepared to encounter the dark-haired vision that was to be my masseuse. A few inches taller than Erin with light green eyes, full lips that were quick to jump into a sly smirk when we walked into the spa. Introducing herself as Rita she provided the standard questionnaire and areas to… Read more

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Lockdown on the farm


This is my first story, I'd love your feedback, especially from females, and would love to hear what you got up to reading this. ------------------------------ When the announcement was made that the UK was being placed in lock-down, unlike most girls her age, Jess wasn't that bothered. She had a small group of friends but didn't socialise with them much in her free time, preferring to spend her time reading and studying; or more recently, revising. After weeks of rain, the first day of lock-down was a glorious warm spring day and luckily for Jess she wasn't going to be trapped indoors. Her… Read more

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The Story Of Roger Part 3


Roger spent the rest of the evening thinking about Ella and what she had said, he probably had never experienced such an elongated boner in all his life but was determined not to masturbate as for some perverted reason he thought that young Ella would take care of it for him tomorrow, or had he read it all wrong? He tried to convince himself that she was ‘just being neighbourly’ but then kept coming back to how she loved seeing her dad in this very same gown AND wanted him to wear it tomorrow, poor old Rog, he was so confused. He so wanted to tell Ollie what had occurred but felt he couldn’t… Read more

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A crazy time at the beach with the ex

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Well I just went out for a swim at the beach and A well she said she was going to stay in the apartment and go out for some sunbaking later in the afternoon. It was a very warm late Summer afternoon and when I was out in the water I saw A walking down to sunbake and watch the surfers including myself. She got out her towel and unwrapped her sarong and she still had a tank top on but her ass and legs were on show and I noticed some young latin blokes stopped near her and sat down. Knowing she had some young blokes near by she took off her tanktop and revealed her bikini top with her nice litt… Read more

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League of Legends Worlds 2019 Chrissy Costanza &am


This story happened back at Worlds 2019 (League of Legends Championship) in France. I’ve worked a long time for Riot and then mostly for the light and sound at big events like Worlds and MSI (Mid –Season Invitational) but I was still just 24. Today had to lead the technics for the song Phoenix (The theme song of Worlds 2019) by League of Legends, Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza. That morning I drank coffee with the teams if the songs Awaken and True Giants. After the coffee I went to the Arena with my team. There we set everything up and it took us quite a few hours. At lunchtime somebody… Read more

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The Elgins and Taylor’s were on a weekend fishing expedition to Cottonwood Lake, eastern South Dakota in mid August, 1959. While our fathers drank beer, bullshitted and watched the fishing lines, our mothers drinking coffee and watching lines now the youngest k**s slept soundly in sleeping bags on top of camp cots in the Elgins, family tent, trying to avoid the annoying mosquitoes that a stiff breeze was keeping most away, repellant hopefully keeping the braver ones away. Sandra a year younger than me at f******n she loved to have sexy games with me. She,d beat me off a few times as I,d played… Read more

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Just as dirty 30 years later


I fucked a girl 32 years ago, she was 18, I was 22. I wasn't her first but she'd had sex with a couple of guys about the same age as her. I was a different proposition, 4 years older and properly developed down below. I remember the shocked look on her face the first time I did her, as she sat on the edge of her bed, still in her 6th form school uniform, and undid my jeans. It was Friday afternoon, I finished at lunch on Friday, she had no lessons and her mum and dad were at work. My thin white undies did very little to conceal the big coil of cock they were covering. She fished her hand in th… Read more

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I LOST A BET FOR MY WIFE. I meet this guy in a bar one night while on a business trip and we got talking we both sat at the bar drinking. I had never seen him before so were complete strangers we got onto the subject of being married and what our wives did for a job and so on. Then he told me that his wife was a really hot sexy woman and showed me a photo of her she was certainly very sexy with long legs and a very big bust and asked me what my wife was like. I told him that my wife was also very sexy and that I didn’t have a full body photo only her face so I showed him. ‘Wow your wife is… Read more

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Out in Dawlish Nature Reserve


Out in Dawlish Nature Reserve Carol and I were walking in our nearby nature reserve. It was back in July, and as you know 2018 was a particularly hot and warm summer. It wasn’t long before we had disappeared from view from the sea and nearby golf course. It was very hot, Carol was wearing nothing but a summer dress and I had a t-shirt and shorts on, no boxers or anything underneath. We continued our walk to the far end of the nature reserve where very few people venture, it was stiflingly hot but as Carol was walking in front of me I couldn’t help noticing the jiggle of her arse as she follo… Read more

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Sex With My Friend Neha And With Her Friend Too

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my friend Neha whom I had went to buy condoms and gave money to get lubricants for me. You can find it on my first story what I did with it. As we were close friend we share everything. Neha to had good boobs and she looks beautiful. In evening we were talking about her boyfriend. Neha was in relationships from… Read more

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Friend’s Dad Blackmailed Me


my sexual interests diminished with growing responsibilities. But when My Son’s best Friend – Raj came to stay in our house in order to clear his re-exams. I ended up fucking him so that he can concentrate on studies and became fuck buddies. Feeling sexualized by the content, see the previous part for more. In this part, it is the sex story where I got to fuck his father – Kishore. The same man who kicked out Raj for not studying. So in the earlier, as I said that we had a session every minute as my husband… Read more

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My First Experience And Blackmailed The Boys

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I am 21 years now and about me fair in skin and 30 size of my breast that’s it. Lol Stepping back to three years before when I was in school. We had a class strength of sixty students. I used to prefer to sit on the back benches to have fun with my friends. One day I was totally irritated by the lectures so I decided to observe what all students do. I observed some where drawing on the text book. Some where playing games and some were listing to teacher… Read more

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Blackmailed By Unknown Facebook Man


I have medium breasts 32. My hips are 30 and my back is more attractive 34. So totally I don’t like a milf of 37. My lips and teeth will be very beautiful. I wear saris as well as modern dresses too. Let me come to my experience. I don’t travel alone to other towns alone. But I go for shopping a… Read more

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Laura Berkeleys seduction of Julie

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I have been on this site for sometime, I’ve meet lots of fab people as you can see from my profile tony introduced me to his sister Julie, I have known Tony for some time, he’s fun, sexy, naughty a bit of a bad boy, who I like very much ( I’ll tell you more about him and our exploits next time ) so back to Julie. We have over the last few months exchange messages, talked about our family , friends, work and had a fair few of naughty chats. We have swopped pics, she’s posted some on here as have I. It’s fair to say that our friendship started to blossom our chats have become at times erotic,… Read more

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League of Legends, Worlds 2019, Chrissy Costanza,

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This story happened back at Worlds 2019 (League of Legends Championship) in France. I’ve worked a long time for Riot and then mostly for the light and sound at big events like Worlds and MSI (Mid –Season Invitational) but I was still just 24. Today had to lead the technics for the song Phoenix (The theme song of Worlds 2019) by League of Legends, Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza. That morning I drank coffee with the teams if the songs Awaken and True Giants. After the coffee I went to the Arena with my team. There we set everything up and it took us quite a few hours. At lunchtime somebody… Read more

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Caught Sunbathing in the Garden Final.


Caught Sunbathing in the Garden Final. This is based on a pure fantasy of my wife. Everyone is consenting in this story. My wife has left for her nursing job. She and my neighbour share a car together when they’re on the same shift; as they are all this week. I was caught sunbathing by my neighbour’s 19 year old d4ughter; Tracy. During our first encounter, when she fucked me beautifully, I told her of my wife’s fantasy of being r4ped. Just as she leaves she offers, “You are to come in the back door and r4pe me. You can keep me prisoner and r4pe me all day…anyway that you like…please.” I h… Read more

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Blonde Slut For Black

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Last week, I had decided to treat myself to a porn movie over the Internet. Since my wife Val, left me a few months ago, I've just been going to work and watching TV. One of these days maybe I'll get off my butt and get a girlfriend... While perusing all the various porn sites, I got a big surprise. It was a picture of a Black proudly shooting his semen all over my pretty wife's face. It was being splattered with gobs of jism by a humongous black cock. The title was "Blonde Slut For Black". I ponied up the $9.95 for the flick. The plot was paper thin and the story began slowly. The sound was… Read more

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Val's First Black

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My pretty wife, Valerie, is a 35 year old, tall, shapely, strawberry blond with large, full breasts, and long legs. She's a sexy fun loving gal and we had often talked about doing something sexually adventurous like a swing club or something, but it was always that, just talk... One day I invited Tyrone, the bass player in the band, to chill in our hot tub after the gig. Tyrone's a handsome 50 year old black stud who looks about 35. His head is shaved clean and he has a well developed muscular body because he works out at the gym. He always seems to have his way with women. At the club, there… Read more

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468 An explosive marriage


468 An explosive marriage The night had been good, a success he had enjoyed spanking her, his hand unused to the striking of flesh had stung a bit, her arse had glowed, her voice had quavered towards the end but his dick had stiffened like never before and he had had her after on the living room carpet, in a way that said he understood a bit more now and he was like a youth again. They both knew they would walk this path again and more, and had gone to bed for a repeat performance, to sleep like baby`s, for the first time since lock-down. Sam could be seen next day busy about the house, esp… Read more

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